8 Things To Do Before Selling Your House - Turning Your Home Into A House For Sale

1. DECLUTTER - Step back and take an outsiders look at your home. Do you have too many pieces of furniture? Are you piling up things in areas and rooms around your house; on shelves, in closets, in the basement, or the attic? Don't forget about the garage. Buyers will look in all those places in the house and de-cluttering will make everything look more spacious too. GET RID OF IT! Donate, sell, throw it out, give it away! Sometime we don’t notice what we’ve started to accumulate.

2. NEUTRALIZE - If you have bold wall colors, paint them a neutral color. Remember you are trying to appeal to the masses.

3. DEPERSONALIZE - Remove the family photos, or at least minimize as much as possible. You want the potential buyer to visualize living in your home. They can get easily distracted by the photos all over the house.

4. CLEAN - I can’t stress how important this is. Not only does it make your house more appealing, it also sends a message to potential buyers that you take care of your home. Deep clean and don’t forget to clean the carpets.

5. DEODORIZE SMELLS - If you have pets, make sure the house doesn’t smell of stinky dogs or cats. Smokers, if you’re not smoking outside already, start doing it. It can be an immediate turnoff to buyers. You could have the most beautiful home, but if that’s the first thing they notice when they walk in the door, it could be a deal breaker. DON’T OVERCOMPENSATE with perfume deodorizers. Clean it! In some cases you might have to hire a professional company. It will be worth the expense.

6. BRIGHTEN IT UP - Keep blinds and shades open to let in the natural light. Open the curtains.

7. CURB APPEAL - Don’t underestimate how important this is. One of the first things people do after they see your listing online is to take a drive by to check out the house and the location of the house. So, this drive-by is a 2nd, first impression. Their first impression is seeing the listing online and seeing the photos. There should be many quality photos. Following all the advice above will lead to great pictures for the listing. Paint the front door. Move the garbage cans to the back or side of the house. Remove old cars, trailers, and scrap from the yard. Spread a little mulch and trim the hedges if they are overgrown. Keep the grass cut.

8. REPAIRS - Make necessary repairs. Don’t ignore serious problems or defects. You have to disclose defects or problems to the buyer. If you don't a home inspection will reveal them and cause potential problems later and possibly even more negotiating, or worse, cause the deal to fall apart.

© 2020 by Judy Meucci

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