Do Open Houses Work? Answer: Yes!

June 23, 2017



People often wonder if they should have an open house. Are they worth it? The short answer is, yes.


Do they guarantee that “The” buyer will walk through your door Sunday between 12-2? No, nothing is a guarantee, but it definitely does happen, has happened, and will happen again. It is one of the tools we use to market your house. 


It generates more advertising for your house. It probably will go into the newspaper. Only an estimated 1% found there house through the newspaper print ad, but it’s still a source. More importantly, it will be blasted all over the internet home sites. Some of the sites will list open houses on the top of their feeds as well as send alerts to prospects that have saved info on their sites. And your realtor will be advertising more to get the buyers to attend. I know I do. I advertise all over social media as well. 43% of homebuyers found their home while surfing the internet.  So, with that being said, your house gets a lot of added exposure just for having an open house. Exposure is what you need and want to find the buyer!



I know you’re saying that it will attract the wrong buyers. Well, in some cases, yes it does. We don’t know if they are prequalified for a mortgage or if they are, is it enough for your home?






I know you’ll say, I don’t want strangers walking through my home. Your agent should be staying with the guests as they tour your house.  You will have to hide the valuables and medications because if there are multiple parties looking at the house your agent can only be in one place at a time.  Also, make sure your agent has a sign-in sheet that requires that the guest sign in as well as give their address. Just an added safety precaution. I tell the visitors that if it were their house, they’d like to know who has been there. 



Yes, you do get the tire-kickers and looky-loos.  You will also get the occasional nosy neighbor. But don’t underestimate the neighbor. Sometimes it’s your neighbor that finds the buyer. Maybe they have family that wants to live in the neighborhood. Maybe they know someone that wants to be in your neighborhood. You never know.






Maybe the buyer for your home didn’t attend the open house you just had, but with all the added exposure, they may have seen it online and will be calling your realtor, or theirs, to schedule a viewing.






So, with all the tools we use to market and sell your home, having an open house is a valuable one, so don’t discount it! Sell! Sell! Sell!

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